Hands of the Future cultivates confidence, life skills, well-being, and a respect for the natural world in children of our community through exploratory play.

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What is JNC?

JNC stands for Junior Nature Club. It is a club for kids that want to be outside and learn about nature - and have FUN! It is currently for Kindergraten to 8th grade children who live in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Lots of kids have already participated in fun learning activities and we hope to grow LOTS in the coming years! And because parents have been asking for it, we will continue to have meetings throughout the summer beginning in 2016. Afterall, that's the best time to be outside and play and explore!!! See you all there!

We will be adding trememdous amounts of information to both the Hands of the Future website and the Junior Nature Club website as well, so keep checking back!

Interested in volunteering? Visit the Volunteer Page to see examples of past activities, crafts, snacks and downloadable volunteer forms. We can always use help!