Hands of the Future cultivates confidence, life skills, well-being, and a respect for the natural world in children of our community through exploratory play.

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Hands of the Future Policies

  • There will be both structured learning opportunities and unstructured activities. Structured learning will be based on proven and successful nature programs, pre-K to Eighth grade. Unstructured activities will be designed to utilize features of the land and created habitats so that children may learn about nature through exploration and discovery of the natural world. Together, both structured and unstructured activities will reinforce one another and compliment area education programs.

  • Various groups will be welcome to use the facility and grounds, including, but not limited to: scouts, churches, schools, boys & girls club, etc. Coordination with the director will be required.

  • Grounds and classes shall be open to all children regardless of race, gender, religion, or economic background. There will be no fees for participation in any program so that any child who wants to enjoy the site/programs will have that opportunity. Funding will come from donations and/or grants.

  • Bullying and violence will not be tolerated and those that violate this rule will be warned once and then banned from use of the site for a determined period of time. This time will be determined by the director and the child will need to earn the right to return with a probationary period.

  • Weapons of any kind will not be permitted on the site, nor drugs or alcohol.

  • Total salaries for paid employees shall not be more than 25% of the revenues, with a cap of 60K for director and 55K for assistant director until the year 2033. This limit will then be adjusted to reflect only inflation to maximize monies re-invested in the company’s programs and site.

  • In the event that it becomes necessary to dissolve this organization, any land acquired shall be donated to the county or city. Consumables will be donated to area schools. Monies will be divided equally between all school in Tippecanoe County (TSC, WLSC and LSC), Indiana. It shall not be sold for profit. It shall be donated or continue to be run as is.