Hands of the Future cultivates confidence, life skills, well-being, and a respect for the natural world in children of our community through exploratory play.

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Want to Volunteer?

Parents -

We could always use some help. Our activities involve children from 3 years old to 8th grades. We have children from West Lafayette, Lafayette Schools and the Tippecanoe County Schools participate. As we grow in numbers, we would love to have help in assisting the kids and keeping them safe as we have our adventures (and, minimizing the chaos)! Even teenages over the 9th grade level can volunteer, just use the Youth Volunteer Form (pdf, 102kb).

For Adults, simply fill out the Adult Volunteer Form (pdf, 95 kb) and we'll get in contact with you about which activity dates need the most help. Be prepared to have fun (and be a kid again!!)

Besides helping with the kids themselves, other possible areas to volunteer are:

  • Preparing the craft project for the kids to enjoy - we especially need people good at woodworking. Kids love to build things!
  • Baking the treats we use for our lessons - (especially those that have a knack for decorating and a great imagination!)
  • Setting up before a lesson and cleaning up after a lesson.

View crafts and baked treats from previous lessons!